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"This course enlightened me...even after managing a global maintenance organization for the US DoD for more than 10 years, responsible for infrared inspections, we were missing the boat when it came to providing accurate qualitative and quantitative reports.  I wish I could go back in time and start afresh with the Academy of Infrared Training Inc. to certify all of my old organizations."

              ---R.H., from Ford Engineering

AIRT Academy of Infrared Training Inc. (formally named Academy of Infrared Thermography, Inc.) is dedicated to providing the highest standard of infrared instruction on a global scale. Since 1977, our staff of thermographers have trained individuals worldwide for over 40 years. AIRT is a proud ASNT Corporate Partner with Level I, II and III courses, based on the American Society of Nondestructive (ASNT) training program & guidelines, that are regularly scheduled at locations in United States, Canada, and throughout the world. All courses can be conducted at your site or location of choice. Academy is a full spectrum training and support company. Our Level III staff can assist you with your entire infrared program - equipment evaluation, personnel training and certification (ASNT, ISO), application training, program development and implementation, and application development and consulting services.

With AIRT you are set up quickly and efficiently for a fast return-on-investment and long term results.

Infrared, infrared thermography, thermal imaging, infrared radiometry, infrared imaging, and IR condition monitoring, are all terms used in this fascinating, growing field. No matter what you call it, infrared radiometrics and thermal imaging has achieved a status no other diagnostic instrument or inspection tool has attained - a diversity of applications from medical thermography to electrical inspections, thermal environmental studies to building roof thermography, IR refractory evaluations to inspecting mechanical systems, process monitoring and control to equine thermography (horse thermography), infrared condition monitoring to breast thermography, non-destructive testing to research and development, from security and surveillance to building diagnostics.

AIRT is proud to be an active participant in the development of the infrared industry. Since 1977, our infrared trainers have been involved in this dynamic industry. Today, AIRT is a world-wide infrared training institute providing education for all brands of IR instruments and an extensive range of IR applications. All of our trainers are field-proven thermographers - our students learn from experienced, practical infrared enthusiasts. For this industry to continue in its advancement, new and practicing thermographers need to be informed, educated and updated continually. To this end, AIRT hosts and/or sponsors 3 conferences per year and publishes a monthly infrared newspaper entitled "IR Newsbreak." The conferences, InfraRed Information Exchange (IRIE) and International Thermography Association (ITA), are held in North America and Europe each year.

This website is frequently updated with IR industry news, infrared courses, interesting thermograms, IR applications, training course dates and locations, updates on IR instruments from vendors such as Cantronic Systems Inc., Cincinnati Electronics, FLIR Systems Inc., FSI, Inframetrics, Raytheon, ISI, Nikon and other manufacturers of infrared equipment. Bookmark this site and visit often.

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