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Email: AIRT@infraredtraining.NET

"I have attended training classes
for many years (25) and this was
one of the best I have attended."
—D.B., fromWE Energies

AIRT Offers...

Level I Infrared Certification

  • Designed for the beginner
  • Teaches correct camera operation
  • Offers IR thermography fundamentals
  • Explains temperature measurement techniques
  • Demonstrates first-class report generation

Level II Infrared Certification

  • Expands on Level I Theory
  • Further improves operating skills
  • Teaches superior measurement skills for greater accuracy and diagnosis
  • Focuses on reporting and analysis

Level III Infrared Certification

  • Prepares students to initiate and manage an Infrared/Thermographic program

On-Site Infrared Certification

AIRT offers economical On-Site training worldwide.  If you have 5 or more technicians interested in Infrared Training then please contact us for an On-Site Training Quotation!! We will send our professional trainer(s) to your site.

Here are some reasons to choose On-Site training:

  • Flexibility to choose your desired training dates
  • Tailored training to your company’s specific interests
  • Save on your technicians' travel costs
  • Your technicians remain on-site and are available for emergencies